Greaya Whitening Snow Mask

1 Minute Whitening Mask
Instant Whitening Effect
SPF 30++
Hydrated & Moisturising
Remove Dead Skin
Improve Skin Elasticity

Everybody wants to be beautiful and there is a saying “whiteness is purity and beauty”. This is not a coincidence that many women desire fair complexion on their skin because it reflects brightness and charm. Greaya whitening milk is a must-have whitening product for busy people.


  • Immediate whitening effect
  • Flood control SPF 30 ++
  • Replenish and retain moisture
  • Remove dead skin
  • Enhances skin elasticity


  • Wash your body in the shower and squeeze out a small portion of the whitening milk from the tube and apply it on the body.
  • Gently rub Greaya Whitening Snow Mask on the body part for 1-3 minutes and then rinse it off with water.
  • After rinsing off, the skin becomes whiter and a protective layer is formed. The protective layer can protect you from the sun rays (SPF 30).
  • It is recommended to use it every morning, both effects of whitening + SPF are useful throughout the day.